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ATN ThOR - Infrared scope

ThOR in press

It might not be long before thermal-imaging rifle scopes become the norm. ATN’s models start at U.S.$2,000 and weigh about as much as traditional glass scopes, plus they work at night, calculate ballistics, record video, offer one-shot zeroing, and more...


Thermal-imaging scopes take night hunting to a new level, though. With night vision, it can be tough to make out animals from long distances, particularly in dense settings...

The Most Advanced Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes

Night vision and hog hunting are best achieved with the aid of advanced tools and implements such as the ATN ThoR system. Technology has made different sophisticated ATN ThoR devices available at more affordable prices which can be used in effective hog hunting and night vision. Some of these advanced thermal imaging rifle scopes include ThOR 4 384 1.25-5x, ThOR 4 384 2-8x, ThOR 4 384 4.5-18x, to mention a few. The ATN ThOR platform is built with top notch features that ensure effectiveness. It comes with features unheard of in similar Items at unmatched prices, causing it to rank among the highest when it comes to hog hunting.

Exceptional image quality

ThOR comes with a color OLED display that delivers a sharp color reticle every time. Many people worry about targeting problems and errors in the use of thermal vision tools. The good news is that the ATN ThOR platform is designed to prevent such errors and ensure a hit every time. ATN ThOR devices are exceptional as a result of their image quality. Their image quality is such that it is easy to see through darkness and even through severe conditions like fog and smoke. This makes them efficient for use in all conditions. ATN ThOR devices the best Thermal Scopes on the market. They have the widest user base of any TI scope, from hunters to policemen to even military snipers world wide. The new ATN ThOR is very advanced and therefore comes with a load of features that are not featured in the older forms of ATN ThOR.

The applications and usages of ATN ThOR are varied and many. The devices are used for nighttime hunting, border patrol, police, SWAT, special operations, and force protection, to mention several. These devices come equipped with features that enable them to properly execute any mission. Besides, when purchasing ATN ThOR devices, a complimentary 3 year warranty will cover both the device and any ATN accessories for it. When it comes to security, hunting and any professional purposes requiring night vision, there is no better device than an ATN ThOR. You can find the device that matches your unique needs and requirements, and order your own to experience all the unique features of the ATN ThOR.

No more targeting errors – new Thermal Scope

When you talk about the best device for thermal vision, hog hunting, surveillance, home security and so forth, the number one name that comes to mind is American Technologies Network (ATN). ATN produces high end state of the art thermal vision devices which other devices cant even . These devices are bustling with a lot of features that make them unique and significantly better and more advanced than comparable devices.

Most advanced technology

ATN ThOR series is one of the latest lines of exceptional thermal imaging scope devices produced by ATN. It is the latest and most advanced technology released by the company and with that promises exceptional quality in all ramifications. The thermal vision system in this device is of top notch quality and its night vision technology is one of the best on the market. Therefore, if you want to increase effectiveness in hog hunting and surveillance, you have no better option than ATN. Despite the fact that this device is full of state of the art features, it has a price guaranteed not to break the bank.

Furthermore, ATN ThOR 640 devices such as the ThOR 4 640 1-10x, ThOR 4 640 1.5-15x, ThOR 4 640 2.5-25x and many others eliminate targeting errors. Targeting errors are perhaps one of the major drawbacks of many night vision and surveillance devices. Due to targeting errors, many professionals and hunters oftentimes miss their targets and such mistakes prove costly, sometimes even cause to avoid night vision devices in the first place. Reduction and prevention of these errors is what sets apart ATN from the competition. ATN provides the peace of mind that Night Vision users need. The features of each device you want to purchase are outlined in the ATN website as well as their prices. A clear outline lets you know which device is best for you, whether you want something for hunting, surveillance, or any other task, ATN has a device for you. American Technologies Network does not just provide them at affordable prices, but they also provide a great warranty. On purchasing an ATN 320 device, you will be given a 3 year warranty which gives you peace of mind, assuring you that you have the best device for thermal imaging and other purposes.